Erik Hall

Meet our Missions Coordinator, Erik Hall

When human beings experience trauma or severe life experiences, it is not uncommon for lives to unravel. A great passion of Erik’s is to bring healing to people that have been through a traumatic/stressful experience.  With a background in construction, disaster relief, missions, and training Erik has a unique blend of qualifications to bring hope to individuals and communities.

Erik also has a passion to reach out to churches and communities to help them prepare for crisis before the they come – making them aware and vigilant through practical training in preparedness and the Christian response in times of crisis.

Erik is trained with Crises Response International and Christ in Action.  He has successfully run several of his own companies including construction, commercial cleaning, and pallet businesses.  He has trained countless individuals in a wide variety of fields.  Today, Erik is in the mission field full time, and continues to reach out to those in need.