The Schofields


John and Kristi Schofield and their children love God adventures. Placing Africa on their hearts back in 2011, God answered their prayers that He would “break their hearts for what breaks His.” Starting on the broken path of failed international adoptions led them to a small Muslim village in Northern Ghana. God changed their vision from saving one child to saving villages. In this Muslim village, God miraculously put water in dry ground. They drilled two water wells providing water to the surround communities and they are partnering with a local pastor who travels there every Sunday to preach.

Our family’s mission is to go to the “least of these”, the outcast and the unwanted.

Our mission strategy is simple:
1. We work with villagers to build trust and relationships by meeting their basic needs (clean water projects, construction, and energy sources).
2. We minister the Gospel to the people and build disciples that build disciples (training material and ministry resources), and work with local Christians to maintain a persistent presence.
3. We work to establish sources of income that sustain communities, and train the people to invest into the church and community.

Excitedly, our family will also be working in Accra the capital city of Ghana, partnering with a local school to help abandoned street children and low income families to get an education. They will be working with local pastors and teachers, sharing the love of Jesus, and meeting their basic needs.

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