Welcome to Over The Horizon, Inc.

We’re a missionary organization dedicated to Christian ministry, disaster relief, and training people to respond in times of crisis.

Our purpose is to:

  • To coordinate and train Christian groups to achieve a state of readiness to respond to disaster, both natural and man-made.
  • To establish and administer emergency or disaster relief supplies to assist those affected by disaster and to provide training in disaster assistance, preparations, ministry, and restoration of quality of life.
  • To provide assistance through case management, referrals, and coordination with other charities to assist those affected by disasters.
  • To send missionaries on assignments to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Over The Horizon Missionary Locations:
Puerto RicoMexicoGhanaUgandaSierra LeoneSavannah, GA


Over The Horizon would like to welcome our newest missionaries, Michael and Jessica Wilson!  God has called them to the mission field, and they are based in Savannah Georgia.  



PUERTO RICO UPDATE FROM THE FIELD:  January 2020 – Slideshow Update


PUERTO RICO UPDATE FROM THE FIELD:  6 June 2019 – Today we were out on the streets. We had two houses in particular that we were assessing damage and meeting with the families. We prayed with them believing that God is our Provider and He will bring the finances, supplies, or whatever is necessary to make these homes safe & inhabitable.

Missionaries Erik and Tammy Hall (and the kids!) are on their 6th deployment to Puerto Rico for a one-year tour to minister, bring supplies, and repair roofs/infrastructure.  They’re in need of the following:

1) Building Supplies (to repair roofs and structures damaged by Hurricane Maria)

To partner with what’s God is doing in Puerto Rico, consider a tax-deductible donation by giving through our secure online portal HERE.  You’ll be able to choose to donate toward missionaries, bibles, or solar lights.  If you want to do something custom, just write it in the comments and we’ll be glad to make it happen.


                                                                                                                      Erik & Tammy Hall



Leadership Team

Over The Horizon, Inc. has a seasoned leadership team.  Mission minded, trained to respond, and most importantly – fully devoted to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

President – Julie Bass

Julie Bass graduated from Indiana University in 1994, and has spent many years in public education shaping the hearts and minds of our youth.  Julie was a troop leader in the American Heritage Girls, and serves in many volunteer activities and ministry events.  Julie serves as the president of GRAVICOM LLC, where she leads activities in finance, business development, and strategic vision.

CEO – Jamie Bass

Jamie Bass is a cyber security specialist, but also has an extensive background in robotics, automation, plastics, electronics, mechanics, and systems engineering.  He holds five patents, and is 1 of 973 certified Information Security Systems Engineering Professionals (CISSP-ISSEP) worldwide.  Jamie is the CEO of GRAVICOM LLC, which is a federal government contracting company with a focus on cyber security and information assurance.  GRAVICOM is the only certified Navy and USMC Validation company in the Midwest.

He is actively involved in the Evansville business startup community, and is continuously mentoring and working with entrepreneurs to get new businesses off the ground.  Jamie is also active in ministry work in the city, serves as a marketplace missionary, serves as an Elder in Kings Fire Ministries, and actively participates in the city-wide Pastor’s network.

Chairman – Jerry Wright

Rev. Jerry Wright is a licensed and ordained minister, serves as a Ministry Connections Director, and operates in all five areas of the five-fold ministry callings.
Jerry has earned Associate, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Liberal Arts and Business Management from accredited University of Kentucky (Henderson Community College) and University of Southern Indiana; and earned Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology and Church Management from accredited Florida Christian College
and Theological Seminary. Throughout his lifetime, Jerry has worked in varied multi-occupational positions: from laborer to mid-management corporate positions, in union and non-union work places; public school university instructor; advisor; consultant, retail establishments and service organizations.
Jerry continues to be strategically positioned impacting the seven societal cultures: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Business and Arts; Entertainment.
In Christian ministry, Jerry has served several churches in several states as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and Pastor and continues to serve as an active Advisory Council minister with several ministerial networks.
Jerry’s true heart’s desire is to influence and impact people to have their best lives possible, now and forever by sharing God’s Love, Grace, Mercy and Compassion especially in the midst of life’s challenges, heartaches, difficulties and uncertainties. Thus, his ministry outreaches provides timely, vital encouragement and prayer for anyone striving for a better way of living
through a personal relationship with God.

Missions Director – Tammy Hall