The Wilson Family

The Wilsons in Savannah Georgia

Prior to May of 2020 the thought of Savannah, Georgia had never crossed the minds of Mike & Jessica Wilson. After a family vacation was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Wilson’s decided to get out of town with their three children Selah, Bethany & Elliott for an extended weekend trip.  During their time in Savannah they were captivated by the beauty of the historical architecture and coastal landscape, so they decided to return the following year for a longer stay.  It was during  a second trip in the Spring of 2021 that Mike heard the whisper of Holy Spirit say, “I am calling you and your family to this city”.  Not really sure what to think of the word spoken, the Wilson’s decided to spend a year praying over what the Lord might have for them in Savannah.During their 3rd trip in the Spring of 2022 confirmation of the word spoken to Mike began to come, and the darkness that loomed over the city started to become evident. Looking back to a vision that led Jessica back to America as her time in South Africa ended years prior, Savannah seemed to fit.  As the Wilson’s began doing research their hearts began to break for Savannah. 

Despite being filled with beautiful churches, Savannah is widely known as the most haunted city in America. The high infatuation with spiritual darkness is evident. Even with a rich history Savannah has become incredibly broken and suffers from many issues including single parent households, homelessness, substance abuse, high HIV/AIDS infection rate, and so much more.  Savannah, a city that did not initially authorize slavery despite being in the South, became one of the main cites for slave trade which still impacts the city today. 

As Mike and Jessica began to embrace the call to Savannah The question they began to ask was, “What?”.  Since church planting is not what the Wilson’s feel God has called them to, they began to pray and fast for direction.  While helping to coordinate a wedding during the summer of 2023 the phrase, “Master of the Banquet” kept being laid on Mike’s heart.  Within a couple weeks of hearing the phrase “Master of the Banquet” the Holy Spirit revealed a framework based out of Nehemiah to build The Kingdom of God in Savannah and has ignited a vision for the church of Savannah within Mike and Jessica.  Isaiah 58:12 says, “Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repair of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in”.

The Wilsons goal is to spend the first 1-2 years praying, researching, and building relationships with the people of Savannah.  As the Wilsons begin to understand the ins and outs of Savannah culture they will then develop an organization that will lead a coalition of churches and non-profit organizations to collaborate as the hands and feet of Jesus to be repairers of the breach and build the Kingdom of God in Savannah, Georgia. 

Will you consider partnering with the Wilson’s in prayer and faithful giving as they follow the call of God for Savannah, Georgia?

Pictured Above:  Mike Wilson, Jessica Wilson, and  Rebecca Duma.

Mike & Jessica were blessed to connect with Rebecca Duma founder of Relentless Grace which is a non-profit that serves the Savannah community in several ways.  Each Sunday afternoon Relentless Grace organizes the serving of meals and ministering in Forsyth Park located in Downtown Savannah.

In October of 2023 the Wilsons were able to conduct a roundtable discussion with various non-profit organizations and local churches.  During that meeting they had communion and prayed for the City of Savannah.